Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy [belated] Earth Day!

Yesterday being Earth Day got me thinking...I was lucky enough to grow up with parents who appreciate nature.  My Mom & Dad both love the outdoors and wanted to share that love with their children. They know that we're closest to God in nature, surrounded by His creations. I have so many awesome memories hiking, going on backpacking trips, climbing, and snow camping in some of the most beautiful places with my family.  I thought I'd share just a few photos of some of those memories... 

Mt. Hood, Oregon
My first climb and summit, Spring 2000

Multi-day backpacking trip, September 2004

3-day backpacking trip, July 2006

Mt. Hood, Oregon
Adam's first climb (snow conditions were dangerous so we couldn't summit), April 2009

Siouxon Falls, Washington
Day hike, June 2010

And just a fun comparison shot...
Left: Haley on Hood circa 2000 --- Right: Haley on Hood circa 2009

I plan on making similar memories with our children so they can enjoy the great outdoors like I did!

Spiritual Health:
Read about the Earth's creation...Genesis 1 & 2
God created this Earth for us...from the most delicate flowers, to the most majestic mountains...its beauty is for us! Let's get out and enjoy it! And leave it in a better condition than how we found it :)


vintch said...

oh wow! what fabulous adventures! looks like you've got great photographers in the family too:) i really want to travel and see the world as much as possible with my future bambinos. thanks for sharing these beautiful memories!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Haley! I had no idea that you had so many wonderful adventures under your belt! This is the kind of life that I wish for Hudson...filled with the great outdoors and family!

Love the comparison shot...beautiful in both!!

This makes me want to go out and climb a mountain!! :)

Bri!!! said...


Annalee said...

YOur family is SO COOL!! My first time repelling with your Dad. Wish we had some mountains to climb here in Florida... guess we'll just have to make a trip up to Washington for that.

Rachel said...

So neat!I've always wanting to go backpacking!Lucky you for having so many opportunities!

Davis Valley Classic said...

You're so cute Haley, I love the comparison picture of you when you were younger. How great that you have parents who took you to do these fun outdoors adventures!

kylie said...

oh my gosh. haley. this is officially the raddest post of all time. how cool is your family?! killin me! love those flashbacks of you looking all radded out in your cool gears! sooo rad. haha. loved this.

kylie said...

ps YES definitely bring on that pudding mix recipe! i need! :)

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