Friday, June 22, 2012

10 things that have been making me incredibly happy as of late

1. Zoo trips with sweet friends including a picnic lunch, a [traumatic] carousel ride, ice-cream cones that fixed said carousel ride, and of course plenty of incredible animals! Brooks got pretty excited about the sea lions. :)

2. Morning runs...or run. ;) First one this morning in about a year!

3. Scoring a bold, green maxi dress with a lovely floral print, on clearance. I may have done a happy dance out of the store.

4. Making and sharing a raspberry-lemonade coconut smoothie with Brooks. The brain freeze that followed was totally worth it.

5. Adam bringing home Nielsen's Frozen Custard...caramel cashew, our favorite.

6. While eating the frozen custard, we watched the lovely Regina Spektor be interviewed on the Colbert Report, and then sing. I adore her.

7. Laughing when sweet Brooks tried to feed Grandma Stum (my mom) goldfish crackers through the laptop screen while video chatting.

8. Taking baths with Ava. Love my little mermaid.

9. Watermelon. With fresh lime squeezed over a juicy slice. Mmmmmmm.

10. Accidentally typing "love" in the contact spot when I was writing a text to Adam...and it automatically filled it in with his info.  Apparently I address him as "love" a lot in my texts.  :) :) :)

What's been making you incredibly happy??


Courtney B said...

So so sweet! I always love how happy and uplifting you are, Haley! And so proud of your run! Running is getting harder and harder for me.... and I'm not quite 15 weeks :( This is going to be a long pregnancy if I can't exercise, ha ha.

Unknown said...

I LOVE reading your blog. Although I'm not great at blogging myself, I always feel like I walk away trying to be a better/happier person after reading yours. :) We must live close to each other because I live pretty close to Nielsen's Frozen Custard! And I have a zoo pass!

Unknown said...

It's the simple things:) Beautiful!

madison kate said...

the text/love/husband thing? made my day. that is the sweetest ever.

Nicole Marie said...

how fun is that elephant! i bet all the kids loved it!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

My GOODNESS I love a good zoo trip. Isn't it just the most delightful thing to see the face of your little ones light up with excitement! Your zoo reminds me a lot of the zoo near our house....LOVE the carousel. :)

Clearance priced green maxi? DEFINITELY happy dance worthy. I love a good deal! (can't wait to see it!)

I think we've talked about it before, but I ADORE the lovely Miss Spektor, too. Boy, she's talented. (and she's one of my favorite artists to croon to in the car. Alone. Ha.)

Bathtime with Ava...bathtime is a favorite around here ALWAYS. There's just something about a fresh little slippery baby. ;)

And how sweet of Brooks to try to share his goldfish....all this technology can be kind of tricky. ;)

SO MANY Happy Things...makes me smile!

We've been happy lately about afternoons outside playing in the blow up pool and frozen ice pops as afternoon treats!! ;)

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