Tuesday, July 3, 2012

better late than never...

  • paint a bird house
  • hike to a waterfall
  • save up and buy a tent then go camping!
  • have a water balloon fight
  • host a s'more bar for family and friends
  • go boating
  • buy popsicles from the ice cream truck
  • make homemade ice cream
  • make homemade rootbeer
  • combine the previous two for epic rootbeer floats
  • create a dance walking video
  • create the children's annual silhouettes 
  • go to a rodeo
  • eat cotton candy
  • go to a lake/pond to feed ducks
  • make creative sidewalk chart art
  • go to a farmers market
  • pack a picnic to enjoy at Temple Square
  • build a sand castle...no, a sand village :)
  • get artsy with some tshirts, something like these or these
  • fly kites
  • walk through a botanical garden
  • make caramel corn
  • take that caramel corn to a "Movie in The Park" in Centerville
  • go on a nature scavenger hunt
  • create and display art from the nature (leaves and flowers) we collect

We'll be starting with the birdhouses when Brooks wakes up from his nap. :) Oh how I love summer!

What are some items on you're summer bucket list??


kylie said...

i adore this! i want to make a summer wishlist! so fun

amber d* said...

Mmmm how I LOVE homemade ice cream! I love your list - it makes me want to add more to the one I made (I just posted mine earlier today too! amberland.blogspot.com/2012/07/must-list-of-summer.html)

That picture is adorable :)

thatjordangirl said...

Been a bit since I've left a comment, still an avid reader, duh girlie. Love this idea, so many happy memories to make. Hope you and your little fam are doing swell! Maybe I'll see you and C-ville movies in the park!

LOwe said...

Nice pictures.


rachforthestars said...

this inspired me to make my own summer bucket list!

KT said...

If you don't want to wait to buy a tent, you can come camping with us. We just bought a ten-person tent, and Eks is super anxious to go use it.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

I LOVE everything on this list. I hope you do it ALL and more, sweet Haley!

Will has been browsing the internet for tents for a week, because Hudson randomly told him that he wanted to sleep outside under the moon. ;) So hopefully we can add camping to our Summer list, too!

Can't wait to see the silhouettes this year...it will be so neat to see how Brooks has changed.

LOVE the looks of those cute tees...you are so creative, anything you make will be fabulous.

AND lastly, Movie in the Park is on my to-do list, too!!!

HAPPY summer-ing, Haley. How did the birdhouse turn out??

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