Monday, July 2, 2012


This weekend, plus a little of Thursday, involved
sleeping in and enjoying the sweetest pillow talk,
going to the movies,
after the darling film enjoying a musical fountain show,
lemon biscotti gelato,
couch jumping,
sweet kisses,
breakfast for dinner,
marble track fun,
playing chess & "blind tic tac toe" on Adam's iPad (not pictured;)

Yep, we're definitely weekenders.


Alli said...

Look at those special smiles! I'm also amazed at that beautiful fountain. Plus that marble track looks like tons of fun!

his little lady said...

oh my! is this how you cook all the time? i think you need to invite us over to eat. scrumptious!!! and of course, all such beautiful images of a beautiful family!
xo TJ

Chelsea said...

my gosh, she is darling!


Bethany G said...

Your baby girl is so adorable!!

kylee said...

that soup seriously looks sooo good.

Nell said...

Oh, look at her. She is so so lovely! And getting so big. These girls of ours need to slow down xx

Rachel said...

LOVED Brave!Looks like my kind of weekend for sure!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Weekends are just pretty darn amazing. Also...a musical fountain show AND gelato?! Sounds so very Italian and FUN! Where in the world did you find that awesome marble track? Hudson would absolutely die. He has developed quite a fondness for marbles lately!

p.s. I can't wait to see Brave, myself!

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