Friday, June 29, 2012

Flashback Friday!

Can't believe that first picture up there is of my little 1-year old Brooks last summer, goodness what a little ball of sweetness! And now he's my big-boy Brooks...with a head full of curls that I wasn't sure he would still have
Oh how I love that boy.

Well, today we went to our favorite splash pad with Kira, Grant, and Avery (our other favorite Aves). First time this summer, and what a great afternoon! Ava was a trooper, just smiling away and ended up falling asleep in my arms. Brooks was uneasy at first about doing more than watching the water splash on the concrete and on all the little kids running around in their cute swim suits. He mainly just wanted to play on the playground nearby...but it was oh-so hot and I was glad he eventually remembered how much he loved the cool water, and the only way I got him to leave was bribing him with his beloved, err, my iphone. ;)

And before my little sweet pea fell asleep...
I snatched a pic of her big grin and chunky-monkey thighs. LOVE.

Happy Weekend everyone!!


RATCH said...

I JUST discovered the splash pad this week... I think we will be spending many hours there this summer. I hope we run into you there!

kendra @ little almanac said...

awesome photos! Happy weekend to you too!

Unknown said...

your babes are so cute!! i love splash pads and how they can entertain kids for hours. so fun.

Britney said...

Even though I've been lazy and not commenting on your blog, I've been living summer vicariously through you and your cute family since its July 1st and 65 degrees here. How Jude is envying little Brooks and that splash pad right now is beyond me! Love the flashback!
And little Ava, oh baby girl, YOU are far too darling.
And Haley, WHAT is that denim thing you're wearing over your swimsuit. I need more of those in my life--especially since Jude likes to tug on my swimsuit and expose my girls to everyone at the pool :-/ :-p

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