Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our 2 weeks in Vancouver and Portland: According to Brooks

As you can see there were plenty of moments, both big and small, from our two weeks in Washington and Oregon that we want to remember. I uploaded the pictures the other night and had so much fun looking over them again with Brooks and hearing him recognize the people we love and the fun memories we made...

"Pawk! Pawk!"
We went to a few was with my gorgeous friend Britney and her sweet little man Jude, we enjoyed a pizza picnic and the boys loved the swings. Such a fun afternoon! :)  Another park was in Portland, ironically called Washington Park. We took Adam there the night he arrived. Surrounded by giant evergreens as the sun was setting, we enjoyed our Indian takeout picnic with my mom & sisters. It was beyond perfect.

Along with those fun picnics, we had plenty more "nummy" food on this trip. ;)  The sweetest blueberries from the backyard everyday, dinners on the back deck, Tillamook ice cream every other night, Burgerville (our fave), my mom's famous banana bread, and we ended the trip with a delicious lunch at Corrie's favorite Italian cafe in downtown Vancouver called La Bottega. My mouth is watering now.

"Ga-ma!" or "Ga-ga!" and "Ga-pa!"
Whenever we're with Grandma and Grandpa Stum, Brooks and Ava are smothered with love. :) 

Kersie's wedding! A few days before, I had such a fun night at Shauna's where we had a bachelorette for her...lots of sweet treats, plenty of chatting and laughing, and extra fun gifts. ;) Then the big day came, they were married and sealed together forever in the Portland Temple. Kersie looked absolutely stunning and Kyle looked oh-so handsome! What a beautiful day and night celebrating such an in-love couple.

"Wat-oo! Wat-oo!"
Just like at Bear Lake, Brooks was hesitant at first to hop in the water of the kiddie pool at Lake Shore Athletic Club, but Grandma made it look too fun he couldn't resist. ;)  And just as expected, he became a fish! And when we went back again with Daddy, he knew just what to do. I grew up going to "the Club" and worked there in high school, so it was awesome and surreal to be there with my own little ones.

After being in Washington for 10 days without Adam we were so ready to have him join us!! Brooks was over-the-moon happy to finally be in Daddy's arms when we picked him up at the airport. 

Cousins! My sister Natalie and her hubs Duane and their 6 kidlets came for the weekend of Corrie's farewell. We had such a great time with them!

"Co-wee!" and "Se-est!"
Those sisters of mine know how to make me laugh like no one else. They are rockin' aunts too.  And being there for Corrie's farewell address for her mission was incredible. Her gusto for the Gospel and love of her Savior is inspiring.

I was honestly a bit worried that a 2-week vacation away from home was going to be a bit long for the littles...but I don't think it was long enough. Thank you Mom and Dad Stum for having us!! We love you! Or as Brooks would say, "Wuh-woo!"


Unknown said...

Great pictures. I especially like the one that's a silhouette of you(I am assuming) holding the up the baby.

You're outfit at the wedding is so cute. I only wonder what shoes you were wearing. I'm sure something equally cute!

Britney said...

Hahaha love this! SO many awesome moments and so well photographed!
Love all the food (always one of the highlights), sister time, pool time (HELLO gorgeous Haley, you freaking bombshell), that BEAUTIFUL wedding, the arrival of your Adam, and so many others seriously make the expense of traveling and visiting family so worth it.

I have to say though, that my favorite are those picture with you and that really cool girl and that little boy who smashed his face into the sidewalk. Those are definitely the best ;)

thatjordangirl said...

My favorite is wee Ava (I believe, I do not see Brooks's curly hair) in that bed! She is soooo tiny and it looks unbelievably comfy.

Rachel said...

Wow,it really looks and sounds like you guys had all sorts of fun!

P.S.Your hair is just gorgeous!

Adam and Hilary said...

You and Corrie are so pretty. Love the picture of you guys with your hair down. beautiful!
looks like you had a fun summer!
I guess we missed Corries farewell. I will have to get her email/address.
Brooks and Ava just keep getting cuter and cuter!

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