Thursday, December 6, 2012

Date Night

Date night.
Two of my favorite words on the planet.

It was so fun to go out with my handsome man last night. We started with dinner at Settebello, and the pizzas were fantastic, even though I think next time we'd be okay to split one. :) After dinner, the tiny ice skating rink right outside the restaurant was just too tempting, so we decided to give it a go. And I'm so glad we did! I was wearing heels and needed socks...but conveniently there was a Claire's next door there so we went in and I found a pair of neon, polkadot knee-highs. The most low-key there, believe it or not. ;) While I picked my socks I caught Adam checking out the sunglasses...oh, there were some keepers. So we decided to model a few before making my purchase. Ha! We were the only ones in the store and both laughing uncontrollably at each that we can be goofs together. 

We rented our skates and stepped onto the rink that was lit up with a snowflake-shaped spot light and surrounded by trees wrapped in lights. Oh-so romantic...even with middle school boys schooling us on their skates at we went around the rink and spun around circles doing our best not to fall on our tushes. Neither of us had gloves, but the hand that was holding his was always warm. :) At one point Adam held both of my hands in his, brought them to his face and slowly breathed on them...warmed my hands right up, and put butterflies in my stomach. Reminded me of when we were dating in Rexburg. It was during the holidays that I fell in love with him, and I love him more today than ever.

After picking Brooks and Ava up from our sweet friend Penny, knowing they had such a fun time with her and her darling girls, it felt so good to tuck them both in and be home sweet home with our little family. I'm going to make date nights with my forever sweetheart happen more gave me a sweet emotional boost, reminded me how much I love Adam and how lucky I am to be his wife, and how much I adore our crazy Littles (it was only 2 hours and I missed them!). Yep, one date night did all that. :)


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Hi Haley!! I'm back! :)

What a BEAUTIFUL couple and one perfectly fun date!! It's been far too long since Will and I have had a proper date night...and this post has me craving one BIG time!!!

Our city just got a temporary outdoor rink in the big park downtown and I can NOT wait to try it out. Although, my date will probably have to be Hudson because Will doesn't do anything that involves gliding/rolling on his feet. Ha. ;) I WISH! Ice skating is one of my most FAVORITE winter activities!!

I love reading about your dates and your LOVE! Yours is truly a love story that inspires....hooray for keeping the romance alive!! (love the way he warmed your hands!) SO SWEET!

p.s. those built in mustache glasses have me REALLY cracking up! HAHA!

Can't wait to catch up!

Davis Valley Classic said...

Date nights are the best! Especially now because we fully appreciate how nice it is to go out to eat and just sit and visit and eat!
Looks like a fun night, I love the ice skating pictures!

Adam and Hilary said...

coolest gif ever! Date nights are the best and ice skating!

Life Happens said...

This is reminding me that we are so overdue on our date night! But not until after finals are over for my hubs!

Looks like you guys had a young and {still} in love!

Katie said...

What a beautiful blog (and family) you have!

I love posts on date night ... I think it's so important to live a life (and marriage) of intention, and date nights absolutely play into that!

k said...

I love you, your family, your blog... You are wonderful! all the best!

madison kate said...

awh wow. okay so i'm rather hoping my future forever guy takes me iceskating like yours does c; i'm so so happy for you two & your two little ones are blessed to have parents that are so in love.

Shay said...

This is so sweet- I love that he warmed your hands like that! Cooper and I are really looking forward to a date night alone in a couple weeks!

Marissa said...

You two are the sweetest! The way you love your guy makes me melt, so beautiful. Awesome pictures...definitely keepers :)

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