Saturday, March 16, 2013

Brooks turns three!!

"Yea-wo" balloons.
Pictures of some of our favorite memories of Brooks in the shape of a "THWEE!"
McDonalds for breakfast & the best Play Place ever.
Thoughtful from sweet friends and family.
Feeding "ducks!"...and geese & seagulls.
Playground fun...and running his little heart out.
"Maca-noni" at Noodles & Co.
FaceTime with Grandma & Grandpa Stum at dinner
Papa and Grammy Kjar came to visit the birthday boy
"Puh-cakes" and "can-doos!"

Brooks' special day was filled with so many of his favorite things...we sure love that birthday boy!! So grateful for the day, THREE years ago, he joined our family.


Harri Davison said...

Looks like such fun!


Davis Valley Classic said...

Looks like a perfect birthday for such a fun three year old! I asked Grant who his best friend was and he said, "hmmm... Brooks! Oh, and Avery" we got to get our the year olds together this week. Happy birthday Brooks!

Nicole Dianne said...

you are such a good momma! love how you made a 3 on his door with pictures :) so creative!

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