Monday, April 15, 2013

Trip to Washington: Home Sweet Home

Two weeks ago the kids and I flew to Washington to visit my parents. "Gram-mom" and "Gram-pa" were so good to us! This first post (of a few I'll post about our trip) is filled with pictures of our time spent at home sweet home. :) Adam came towards the end of the week to cheer on my Dad and me as we raced in the Beever Freezer Triathlon, hence he's only in the last few photos of our gorgeous, rainy hike to Cougar Creek, one of our favorite walking trails, on Sunday after we listened to inspiring General Conference messages. :) Thank you so much Mom and Dad for such a wonderful week!! You were so patient with the kids (it was a rough week for those two) and me.
We love and miss you more than we can say.

^^ Lots of little handprint traced. :) ^^
^^ Looking out the airplane window as we landed in Portland. ^^
^^ Ava was in my Baby Bjorn at the airport, so that's why it only shows Brooks so excited to see "Gram-mom" and "Gram-pa"...he was GIDDY! ^^
^^ He ADORES her ^^
^^ Ava loved the Cheerio necklace Grandma made her...cute and tasty ;) ^^
^^ My Mom's pumpkin curry soup and spinach, strawberry of the many delicious lunches she made...miss her cooking. ^^
^^ Training with my Dad!  It was a beautiful ride that day... ^^
^^ Grahams and milk...a favorite snack in the Stum house ^^
^^ A rainy afternoon called for snuggling in blankets to watch 'Aristocats' and sip hot cocoa with Gram-mom...Brooks was in Heaven ^^
^^ German pancake brunch for General Conference! ^^
^^ Nothing like that PNW green. ^^


Annalee said...

I love all these wonderful pictures. Oh how I want to make a trip out to WA so bad. The heat and beach are wonderful but I'm missing the PNW. Cannot wait to hear about your tri. I did one a few years ago and now i'm itching to do another.

Emma said...

Looks like you had such a fun trip!! I found some travel buddies and am heading there myself on Thursday. I am beyond excited, especially after seeing this cute post :)

Gaby said...

Looks like a great trip. It must be so nice to see your parents when you don't get to very often. And it looks like they LOVE seeing you guys!

Alexa Zurcher said...

gorgeous photos! looks like such a fun trip! :)

Marsha said...

What a wonderful week it was! Thank you for making such magical memories a reality and for capturing these images so beautifully. Love you so!!!!

Jenn said...

Washington is always so BEAUTIFUL and green!!!!!!!!! I especially love this picture. You should frame it!

Rachael said...

Washington has made it on my list of places to see. Those photos on your hike at the end are just gorgeous! You captured some seriously sweet family moments here:)

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