Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trip to Washington: Next Adventure, Burgerville, and Powell's

This part of the trip was actually the day we spent in Portland. :) Love that city. My Dad and I first stopped by Next Adventure...that place is awesome and we found some great deals on gear. Then we enjoyed lunch at Burgerville first...the smoked salmon and hazelnut salad with a fresh strawberry shake hit the spot! And with our full and happy bellies we went to Powell's Bookstore. Even with an epic meltdown (Brooks was distraught to find that the isles were not race tracks for the umbrella stroller...apparently we need to go to more book stores and libraries) we had a lovely time. Brooks soaked up story time with "Gram-mom," and I found a few fabulous books to bring home. And I even bumped into an old friend from high school! It was a good day. :)

^^ Thought these old backpacks were awesome. Wish this place was closer! I found some steals... ^^

^^ She doesn't mess around with her icecream. HA! ^^
^^ While the kids and I got some fresh air (to cool down after Brooks' tantrum) I saw a sweet friend from High School! What are the odds?? :) So good to chat and catch up for a few minutes, that Caitlin is going places! Congrats on med school girl! ^^
^^ I saw this sweet sight four times while in Washington...they played hard and slept hard. ^^
^^ Love all the bridges over the Columbia River. :) Bye Portland!...until next time. ^^ 


Marsha said...

Another absolutely grand day! I loved, loved LOVED it!!!!!

Britney said...

Love all of these pictures with your parents! That first one of the two of them is so sweet :). And you can totally tell that the kids have had an awesome day when they're passed out in the back seat.
And oh, Ava, we are kindred spirits with our ice cream. The more all at once, the better. :)

Jenn said...

I loved riding that bridge when I drove through Oregon. Can't wait to hear about your trip to Washington!

Rachael said...

I can'd decide what I love more, the photo of you and Brooks sharing the milkshake, or the one with Ava and the 3 straws! This post has made me want to hit up a book store asap;)

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