Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Trip to Washington: A Day at the Coast

The day we picked up Adam from the airport, we drove straight from Portland to Lincoln City for a day at the coast. The weather was overcast and rainy, much like our trip to the coast last year, but this time even more chilly and windy. Our long-time family friends the Kellys were so generous though, and invited us to spend time at their beach was absolutely charming, so we didn't mind one bit that much of the day was spent inside, cozy, eating delicious food and playing games with the sound of rain on the roof and windows. But stormy weather didn't stop us from getting out to explore a bit of the gorgeous Oregon Coast! Well, except Ava, she was a trooper to stay inside all day. :) Brooks loved marching around in the sand, hands in his pockets, looking for sticks...until the wind about blew him away. ;) And when Adam and I went out together, we turned into a couple of kids...stealing kisses, jumping for joy, and writing out names in the sand. ;) Loved every minute.

Thank you Dave and Jessica for the wonderful day!!

^^ One of "Gram-mom"s many kid-friendly card games that Brooks loves! We had a rousing game, as you can tell. ;) ^^
^^The incredible view from their deck...the water's right there! And Ava below, watching Grandpa & Grandma join Dave & Jessica for a little exploring.^^
^^ Head over heels for that guy of mine. ^^^^ Dave was so sweet and fixed us some cocoa with extra whipped cream when we came back inside...mmmm! ^^^^ Dad, Mom, Jessica, Dave...thank you again Kellys, for everything!  ^^


Rebecca said...

It all looks so magical!!! I love all of these pics so much and I especially love getting glimpses into your life! Your joy is radiant and your love for your family is magnificent!

Hilary said...

Love these photos! they are so full of happiness. thanks for posting and sharing.

p.s. now i want to play ticket to ride. ;) such a fun game!

Angelica said...

i am seriously happy to have found your blog, i am now totally enamored with you and your beautiful family! your babies are so sweet <3 washington looks so lovely, my sister lives there and i've always wanted to visit! it looks like you are having an amazing time <3

xx angelica

Rachael said...

Looks like a really fun trip! It's always awesome when family/friends are generous with their cottages/cabins:) Following you on Instagram has been fun so I'm happy to have found your blog now, you capture some amazing moments:)

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