Tuesday, May 14, 2013

An Evening at Station Park

The pictures of our lovely little outing to Station Park are from March 29th...I am so behind on blogging. Instagram has almost stolen my heart. ;) But I plan to get back to my regular blog posts! A few posts a day for the next week or so to make up for little and big events I don't want to be forgotten should do the trick. :)

And you see the picture, third from the bottom, of our little sunshine girl?? Those were her first real steps!!! And now she's a walking machine! So, so proud. An update on her, and her big brother, coming soon. :)

One more thing. That fabulous purple skirt I'm wearing...it's my girl Britney's. :) Clothing swaps rule.


Unknown said...

awe your kiddies are so cute. can i babysit them? i have this great feeling they are SUPER good haha, which i could get used to ;)

Davis Valley Classic said...

Looks delicously fun!

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