Monday, May 13, 2013

Trip to Washington: Roommate Reunion

The last night we were in Washington we were lucky enough to have two of my roommates/friends from BYU-Idaho, and their handsome other halves, over for ice-cream. We had a great time with Shauna + Steve and Kersie + Kyle!  The guys were so great to put up with Brooks' shenanigans ;) while Kers, Shauna, and I had fun trying to get Ava to crack a smile (goodness that girl's poker face is unreal) and to show off her new-found baby steps. Loved every minute of catching up...and reminiscing, goodness I miss the good ol' college days. :) Love you ladies!

^^ Coaxing Ava with the phone..."Come on baby girl!" ^^
^^ Kersie and Ava's matching, lime green socks. :) ^^
^^ I can only hope that one day when Ava goes off to college she'll be blessed to have roommates like I had! ^^


Rachael said...

Old friends are the best! I am lucky enough that my high school friends went to college with me and we all still live in the same city, mostly. I'm sure being apart makes you appreciate all the time you have with them even more! Ps. the side braid is cute:)

Unknown said...

awe this makes me so happy!! you reunited!!! HIIIIIII

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