Friday, May 3, 2013

Trip to Washington: Double Date

Later Saturday night, after the triathlon (hence me looking exhausted in these pictures), my sweet parents were awesome and gave the littles some Grand-mom and Gram-pa time while Adam and I went out on a double date. :) We met up with my lady-love Britney and her handsome husband Adam who I've been friends with for ages, but my Adam has never met them, so I was beyond thrilled that we could all finally get together! It was a night filled with laughing, bottomless steak fries, milkshakes, burgers for the boys, plenty of talk about our ridiculously cute littles (wish Brooks and Ava could've played with Jude this trip!), some grown up talk (oh glorious adult conversation without interruption;), and more laughing. :) After snagging some pictures, even one with Lady Liberty herself, we said our goodbyes all too soon...goodness we need to live closer!!

Thanks for the fun night Adam and Britney! Love you both to pieces.

^^ Photo bombed by Lady Liberty ;) ^^
^^ Love. Her. ^^

1 comment:

Britney said...

Bahhh I love you!! Thanks so much for taking the night to double with us--we love you guys like crazy. Still not sure how many baskets of fries I went through, but I'm pretty sure it was at least 4. So sad we couldn't see you again before you left but can't wait for the next time we visit!!

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