Friday, May 31, 2013

Dear Brooks,

Hey sweetheart! So I am very late in writing about our little date we had last month, but goodness I hope you know how much fun we had! Ava was with our friend Penny and her girls for the afternoon, and we soaked up some "just us" time. I loved hearing your laughter on the swings, and watching you run and drag your stick in the bark dust. I kind of loved when you'd run and hide, then wait for me to find you (I'm such a worry wart sometimes). I definitely loved when you'd call, "Mama!" from your various hiding spots in that big castle park. I loved when you asked for "Beebee Eva?" I loved that you wanted to ride down the slide with me, usually you're super independent and want to do it alone. I loved that you got super excited when I pulled out a couple packets of Pop Rocks for us to enjoy...and then watching your face as they popped and crackled in your mouth was hilarious, AHAHahAHa! We couldn't stop laughing! :) I love you sweet boy. You've definitely reached your max level for being defiant and disobedient lately. But you are loving on your sister more and more every day, and you've started saying, "Goo' to see you!" when your Dad or I walk in the room. Thanks for bringing so much happy into my life. I love you Brooks.



tRiSh said...

one to one dates seems like a good way to catch up and have an amazing time.
i love your letters to your children, they're filled with unconditional love.

Amber said...

Thanks for sharing all the fun times you have with your kids. I loose myself in your blog...I esp love the Indian headdress in chalk!

Marsha said...

I sure know why you sweet Mama loves to be with you and play with you! 'Cause I do to. What an incredibly fun time I just had with you during my last little trip to Utah. And what fun it is to call and talk to you via FaceTime. And the kitties love and miss you too. Let's plan a video chat soon, my sweet boy. They are the best when I can't be there in person! Love you so, and thanks for taking care of sweet sissie Ava and your lovely Mama and Dada! Love you forever and ever! Gram-mom

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