Monday, June 24, 2013

Baking, Temple Square, Cousin's Wedding, and Hiking with Grandma and Grandpa Stum!

Grandma and Grandpa Stum came to town last month and we loved every minute! My  We started Gram-mom's visit last month on a sweet note by baking some brownies. She and Brooks were the designated taste testers. ;)

We headed to Temple Square with Grandma and her dear friend Kayla who made the trip from Washington with her. It was Kayla's first time to Temple Square and it was wonderful watching her soak it up, as she's taking missionary discussions about the church. :) We got a lovely tour by some of the sweetest sister missionaries, made me miss Corrie! My favorite part was when we visited the Christus. It's such a breath taking sculpture of the Savior, and I loved watching Kayla, Brooks, and Ava be right up close.

Thursday we went to my gorgeous cousin's wedding! From the ceremony, to the delicious sunflower cake, to our Grandma Cordelia Anderson's wedding dress being on display, it was a lovely evening. We are so happy for Kirstey and Tyler! They are a beautiful couple with even more beautiful hearts. Welcome to the family Ty! 

The last day my parents were here (Dad came the night before the wedding), we went on a gorgeous hike up in the mountains in Centerville. Sadly Adam had to be at work, but the rest of us had a fun after noon exploring, soaking up the fresh air and sun, and my Dad and I even cooled down in the little waterfall. :)
We love and miss you Mom and Dad! SO grateful that you make such an effort to visit us and the other siblings and grandkids. Blessed to be yours. xo

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