Friday, May 31, 2013

Rizzo at the Zoo

We went to the zoo at the end of April, and it was a gorgeous day with perfect weather! A good balance of cool and sunny skies made it so lots of animals wanted to be out. :) Along with that golden gorilla ;) I'd say Brooks' favorite animal was Rizzo the polar bear. We watched Rizzo for a good 30 minutes, she was so playful! Both of the kids were enamored by her. And we ended the day off on a sweet note with orange flavorburst icecream. SO good. Excited to go back lots this summer!

^^ "Wook! Eh-phant!!" ^^
Oh, and the carousel...Brooks was NOT a fan. That face up there, that's a forced, half-smile of pure terror. Just like our last trip to the zoo, he was terrified. He barely made it without tears, just sitting on the bench with Adam. I feel bad for the little guy, he has such anxiety with any sort of amusement park ride, and we have no clue why. We just hope, sooner than later, he'll be brave enough to try one out because we know he'd have a blast!
^^ Hi Rizzo! ^^
^^ There were neat Lego displays of animals all over the zoo. Of course we got a picture with polar bear. :) ^^
^^ They have the neatest fountain/ball/sculpture...Ava loved it. :) ^^


Alli Lizer said...

The photo of Ava with that big smile on her face while looking at the water really got me. So cute. Hope you have a lovely weekend with your family!

tRiSh said...

the zoo will always be one of my favorite thing to do as a family!oh and this ice cream looks deeeeeelicious! ;)

tRiSh said...
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