Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I've abandoned this poor blog of mine (it's Instagram's fault, haha)...but LOTS has happened since my last update. Biggest and best: we added another member to our family! But before I can share details on that little miracle, here are some awesome and awkward memories from my pregnancy. :)

- Losing my breathe when tieing shoes and buckling sandals, or bending down to do anything really. ;)
- Feeling like my ya-hoo is going to fall off due to funky pressure "downstairs". Umm. Tmi? Not sure how else to explain it.
- Trying to squeeze past someone, thinking there's enough room and definitely forgetting my width, so I bump them with my bump. Oops.
- Being asked by a stranger at the park if I was going to have a boy. I answer, "We'll see! We like to wait and be surprised. What makes you think boy?" She looked down at my ankles, "Oh, you're swollen." Well, thanks.
- Squatting down to pick up the receipt I was handed then dropped, and feeling the crotch of my pants rip. Greeeaaaaat.
 - Walking out of the doctor's office with splotches of the belly-jelly (ultrasound gel) on my shirt. I was feeling all sorts of classy.
- Much of the time I walked around like an old woman because of my intense lower back pain. I won't miss that.

- Feeling and watching the baby kick and stretch in my belly. Never loses its magic!
- Brooks turned 2 the week before his little sister was born, so he wasn't really aware of what was happening...but this go-around he's much more excited about baby brother or sister! And I think it's rubbing off on Ava. :)
- Knowing Brooks' or Ava's clothes will be used by this second boy or girl!
- Closing my eyes and imagining bringing this babe into the world. I treasure my experiences giving birth, and my heart can hardly wait to open up and feel love for another little one after laboring to get him or her here.
- I was nervous to be pregnant through the summer, but it hasn't been as dreadfully hot as I expected. Plus I don't have to suck in for even a second in my swim suit. Haha, I'm ridiculous. ;)
- Brooks and Ava love to feel the baby move (okay, sometimes I move it so they think it's the baby;) I get to watch them get so excited, and then I feel their bellies. Sweetest back and forth interaction. :)
- I had this little "vision" of Brooks and Ava helping me rub lotion on our freshly bathed was a boy, and his little arms and legs were wiggling around and big brother and sister were giggling the whole time.

The babe's birth story will be coming tomorrow. Feeling beyond blessed thinking back. :)


tRiSh said...

Yay, you're back! (I should write on mine too, oops!)

I've loved reading your awkward and awesome moments and I think I'm going to do the same, because some awkward moments really need to be written down so you can laugh about it later, don't you think?

I'm so happy you're back on your lovely blog!

Shea and Kay-Marie said...

I love your blog but am realizing it is so so hard to keep up on with 3, good luck!

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