Monday, July 20, 2009

Natalie's Visit :)

My sister Natalie and her adorable family came to visit Adam and I for a few days before our family reunion last week (post on the tomorrow:). She and her sweet husband, Duane, are awesome parents of 5 great kids, soon to be 6! We loved having them with us!
* Here's cute little Jason, their youngest, modeling his Uncle Adam's boots ;) *

* Here are 4 of the kids catching some zzzzzz's...this what you get when your air conditioning needs some work. LoL We felt so bad for them, but they were so cute 1/2 in and 1/2 out of their sleeping bags :) *

On Monday we went to the Pioneer Village at This Is The Place Heritage Park. I had never was quite the experience! There were countless replicas of homes & buildings that the pioneers lived and worked in. And the kids really enjoyed it!

At the first house, the pioneer worker had the kids help out with the chores pioneer children would've done...
After chores, then they got to play some games :)
We then went to visit the farm...
* Who doesn't loves pony rides?! *
* These little sheep were so stinkin' cute :) I wanted to take one home...but I don't think Adam would've been to chipper about it ;) *
* We even saw Wilbur! *
* Who would've thought pioneer's had peacocks? ;) But aren't they stunning? *
* Shoulder-rides for Aaron! *
* Boys will be boys :) *

One of the homes had clothing and costumes for dress-up! Old or young...always entertaining :)
* Hee Hee! Do we have some cute nieces or nephews, or what? *
* Natalie and her sweet Amanda :) *

We went on a fun LITTLE train next! It took us around this beautiful LITTLE lake...and even took us through a cute LITTLE tunnel :)
Then we took another mode of transportation...a trolley/train :)
One of the crafts the kids got to do was leather art...hitting nail heads with little pictures onto a piece of leather in the shape of a beehive...the kids loved their little treasure :)
After the Pioneer Village, we changed and headed to the Oquiirh Temple open house...which was absolutely gorgeous! It reminded me a lot of the Rexburg Temple :)
* Aaron, or should i say our own little Blues Brotha!! *

We then headed home and made some personal pizzas! Mmmmmm...they were tasty!
* They're super easy too: just get the Pillsbury busquit dough in the tube...spread the dough on a greased cookie sheet (making the crust as thick as you like it)...add your toppings...and cook at 400 degrees for about 12 minutes...ENJOY! *
On Tuesday, we went to SEVEN PEAKS!! It brings back such fun memories of coming to Utah to visit family, and heading the water park with the cousins :) And this time my 2 younger sisters, Corrie & Celeste, came with us!
* me and the lovely miss Corrie :) *
* Here are our buff body guards...watching over the tubes! There should be another double tube in the picture, but it was stolen ealier :( *
* I love a good veggie burger :) *
* Aunt Corrie with Amanda & Ryan *
* The good ol' Lily Pads! *
* Amanda, Ryan, Corrie, & Celeste...cooling off in the pool! *
* Natalie with 3 of her sweet little guys :) *
* I gave Aaron a little ride :) *
* Adam loving the kiddie-slides! *
* Celeste and I in the shallow end of the wave-pool...sun-bathing :) *
* Can't get enough of his CUTENESS!! *
* Can't get enough Dip 'n' Dots either ;) *
Enjoying some ice-cream before one more slide-run!
* Corrie & Duane were quite the dare-devils! They had a blast on the HIGH-slides :) *
Adam is MIA from these photos :( he had to work Monday & Tuesday while we I've mentioned before, being grown-up has its ups AND downs ;) We missed him during our adventures...but it was exciting knowing that we had the reunion starting the next day!

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Marsha said...

What a joyous time you all had. And what great reportage! Thanks for sharing all this with us. It helps make up for the fact we missed it! xoxox Mom

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