Saturday, November 27, 2010

tim-tam slam

I went to Smith's tonight for a quick grocery-run to get some ingredients for a yummy soup tomorrow for dinner :) And I saw appeared to be glowing on the shelf. I've heard of these from my hubs, my sister Corrie, and a few I'm not sure how to express how excited I was. TIM-TAMS (One-of-a-kind Australian chocolate creme sandwich cookies) I put a couple packages in my cart and had a perma-grin on my face the rest of the time at the store. (like when I buy a couple bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs)

"Adam! I have a surprise for you!"
I said when I got home.
I hid them in the kitchen and had him find them...and as soon as he saw them on top of the fridge he was SO happy! The last time he ate a Tim-Tam was on his mission in Japan 3 1/2 years ago.

Brooks was even excited!
Oh I wish you could've had one buddy...but apparently the wrapping had an interesting flavor ;)
How to enjoy a
Tim-Tam SLAM:
1. warm up a glass of milk
2. nibble off both ends of Tim-Tam
3. use Tim-Tam like a straw to suck up milk
4. suck up whole cookie and enjoy
Tim-Tam' we love you :)

PS - we had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend...can't wait to post the adventures tomorrow :)


Shay said...

OH MY, where do I get me some of those?!!!?

Alyse said...

Yum! You need to try them with hot chocolate :) It is also divine.

Unknown said...

My sister swears by these!! She does the exact same thing (with the same name) and I will agree...they are divine :)

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