Friday, January 21, 2011

phone pic purge

A few items of business before the purge...

First, thanks SO much to all of you for your sweet comments toward Brooks getting better. Hopefully his amoxicillin will help, and we'll get his lab results today. My little guy deserves to feel keep sending those healthy, no-cough, and no-congestion thoughts our way! :)

Second, even though Brooks has been sick...January has still been pretty great and there are a lot of things that make me smile!!! Do you want to know what they are? Well head on over to Red Boots and see :) The sweet Wendy of Red Boots featured me last week on her neat series called "Making Me Smile January..." Go visit! :)

Third, I was so happy to get such positive feedback about the button earrings! All of you can totally do it...takes very little time & effort, and you end up with fabulous pieces of jewelry :) And my new blog friend Angela at Green Submarine: DIY featured my tutorial for it! Her site is full of DIY awesomeness...she does the work of searching for a variety of DIY projects and posts daily her favorite finds. I've been inspired by some great projects and found some sweet blogs from her site. Check it out!

Okay, onto the phone pic purge...
remember my last little set of photos just waiting to be seen from my phone?
Well, while Brooks is asleep I'd figure I'd post another one :)

{I caught Brooks being a little mischievous at our friend's house...}
{Have you ever eaten pet food?? I have.
I think Brooks actually liked these dog kibbles (for the 2 seconds he had them in his mouth while I got the picture)...haha!}

{Fun with Daddy at work...look at that grin!}

{We had this is a DELICIOUS borsht (Russian soup) at our friends house the other night}

{In the shopping cart coming out of Costco...I call this the "E.T. phone home"}

{My little E.T. must be distracted by some Skittles on the ground or something...get it?? ;) That movie's a classic}

{gorgeous Utah sunset}

{that would be Daddy's doing...heehee}

{that same sweet daddy doing the dishes...wouldn't let me clean a single fork.
i love that man}

{mmmmm...Indian food kisses at a favorite restaurant of ours, Royal India}

{we're best buds}

{last night we enjoyed turkey sausage breakfast burritos for dinner...
i like cheddar, he likes pepper jack}

{gmail/google video chat with my Mom & sisters yesterday...oh i was a HAPPY girl being able to see them!!! they live in Washington}

{my little man...loves cars just like his Daddy}
{you can't see it in the picture above, but he's on his tippy toes!! c.u.t.e.n.e.s.s.}

{this is a fun little zipper bow I made (cute as a hair barrette or for a necklace)...and I'm excited to show you all how next week!}

WHEW! sorry for the photo overload...I get a little snap-happy sometimes :)


thatjordangirl said...

You take gorgeous photos, and I have to say your son's smile is CONTAGIOUS! He is so cute! I hope he feels better :].

Brooke T said...

Such cute photos!! I love when Brooks is driving the car and your husband doing the dishes! So sweet :)

Sherri said...

Such great pictures!! My favorite is the video shot with your family(u r all beautiful women, btw) Such a cool idea. I live away from my family too & we skype alot so I'm going to try this:) Happy Weekend:)

Katherine said...

Happy Friday to you as well! I tried to reply back to your comment but your email comes back as no Just wanted to let you know- you just have to change the setting. Anyway, I love E.T. too and those are such sweet photos. I really like your zipper bow- how original!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Oh wow! So much cuteness and fun in one post!!

I love the ET phone home pic the best (even though I've never seen that movie before. My hubby says I'm the only one in the world who's never watched it.)

My second fave? The best buddies picture. (little bitty boy best buddies are the most fabulous buddies of all)

Third? The happy happy little boy visiting Daddy at work...too sweet!

And fourth...your sweet hubby washing the dishes. Awww. What a good guy.

I hope you and your lovely little family have the best weekend!!

(can't wait to see the zipper bow diy!)

Kari said...

Such cute pictures. I LOVE the pic of him driving the car...babies love to do this. And the bow is super cute!!! Have a good weekend.

b. lee said...

beaut' pics! the little man looks a litte too eager to drive * LOL ~ good stuff ;)

Eva Marie said...

Sean is my dis guy I am so thankful

and I can jsut picture the tippy toes!!! Cuteeee

Larsen Family said...

Oh you guys are so cute! I love seeing all of your fun pictures. Brooks is so cute and he is getting so big! We really need to get together. Love ya

Angela Brian said...

you took those photos with your phone?

so cute!

i absolutely am in love with the picture of boys at your hubbys work.

can i just say i love you blog. your picturs make me so excited to be a mom.

Ashley said...

These are such darling pictures! Your blog is so lovely.

Shawntae @ alittlekingandi said...

Yay for instagram! Yay for your hubby doing dishes! Umm Kingston eats dog food too. Brooks and King are meant to be. Why haven't we hung out? Gone to Costco together? We need to get on that.

I hope he feels better. Have a great weekend girl!!


the southern hostess said...

Such sweet photos! And the zipper bow is too cute!

Shay said...

Little B needs a sibling! YES!

Alely said...

you have an adorable little family! glad i found your blog. now following and happy to meet you!

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