Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What do pancakes and earrings have in common??

Except that I LOVE them both, and they'll both be in this post :)

Yesterday I made Brooks and I some wheat blender pancakes with the recipe that my sweet sister-in-law Katie shared with me.
Oh we were both happy campers...they were DELISH.
And since everyone deserves to be happy campers (makes me think of my Dad:) I want to share the recipe!
Here's all you need:
You can get whole wheat kernels at any whole foods store...or at Walmart if you live in Utah and food storage is at any basic grocery store ;)

Blend and pour...mmmmmm, sizzling pancakes :)
1 1/4 cups water [I used 1 2/3 cups]
1 cup whole wheat kernels
1/4 cup nonfat dry milk (optional) [I didn't add any and it was just fine]
1 egg
2 tablespoons margarine or oil [I used salted butter]
1/4-1/2 teaspoon salt [I didn't add]
1 tablespoon fresh baking powder

In blender, MIX water, wheat kernels, and dry milk on high for 3 minutes. ADD egg, butter, honey, & salt. BLEND for 20 seconds. ADD baking powder. PULSE three times just enough to mix. Mixture should foam up and become very light. COOK immediately on a hot nonstick griddle.

Cook: 3-4 minutes
Yield: 16 2" pancakes

Tip: If you want it to be semi-dairy-free, just add more water and omit the milk. OR skim milk can be used instead of water and nonfat dry milk. Batter also makes delicious waffles.
We topped our flap jacks with pure maple syrup (my favorite) and apple sauce (for Brooks) I canned last fall.
Brooks seemed to thoroughly enjoy his extra happy pancakes ;)

I'm linking this tasty dish to the lovely WhipperBerry!!
Go see what other awesome recipes, decor, and crafts people shared!

Remember how I shared my excitement of figuring out how easy it is to make unique, ornate button earrings?? I wear mine ALL the time by the way :)
Well a couple awesome ladies tried it themselves, and their earrings turned out great!!

First, Alli at Reasons to Smile made these golden lovelies back in January :)
I LOVE the cameo-looking ones in the back!
And then my friend Lauren at S'andL Days made some gorgeous dangly earrings last weekend! Using hooks instead of posts...they turned out awesome! I'm running some errands today and I'll putting earring hooks on the list for sure.
I'm SO glad Alli & Lauren had fun making them...both came out with such unique, pretty jewelry :)

Has anyone else had a chance to make them?? :)


vintch said...

you're so talented, just look at you! pancakes and earrings. i'd say those are some excellent gifts to have:) they look DELISH!

Brooke said...

you ARE talented!! and oh my gosh those look yummy! and I love your flowers on your table!

Jennifer said...

You are so wonderfully domestic! Those pancakes look fantastic. I love eating pancakes for dinner every now and then. And I just might have to make some of those earrings tonight!

M said...

yum-o! i'll definitely be trying out this recipe soon. thanks for sharing!!

Mighty Burns said...

Yum I might do the breakfast for dinner thing tonight thanks for the tummy grumbles as my day comes to an end :)

Alli said...

They're lovely. You won't believe this but I am wearing those earrings on the right at this moment. Thank you so much for the idea!

Eva Marie said...

yum yum :) Liv loves her pancakes with applesauce

I so want to make the earrings - little time but i really really want too!!

Lauren said...

yum! wow, i love pancakes and I'm totally going to make these :)
and i love Alli's gold earring buttons. those are so cool looking!

Larsen Family said...

Oh those look so yummy! Natalie and me made some earrings. I posted it on my blog!! Check it out! thanks for the great idea. :)

fashionstoned said...

loveeee pancakes!!!

Alyse said...

yum those sound awesome! I even have all the ingredients! LOVE when that happens!

Chelsea said...

oh how cute are you!!!! ;)

Loving your little ones high chair!

Emily {WhipperBerry} said...

I've heard of whole wheat blender pancakes, but I haven't tried them. I really need to do that! Thanks for the recipe.

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