Sunday, May 22, 2011


Saturday night we went to watch BYU compete for the Rugby National Championship!
It was a first for Brooks and I...and I will admit that even though I didn't understand all the rules, I liked it a lot better than football. Our BYU boys got their scrum on and worked hard! Sadly they lost...but hey, 2nd in the nation ain't too shabby :)
{ "Turn me back around! I want to watch the game!" says Brooks }

{ above Ben (Adam's brother) cheering for BYU's first try (rugby lingo for touchdown)!! And below, Adam is cheering for their second try! }
{ any sporting/entertaining event requires churros... }


Nicole Dianne said...

how fun! I've never been to a rugby game before, so thanks for interpreting the lingo ;D oh and your earrings are a-dor-a-ble!

Nicole Marie said...

so fun!!! oh my gosh he's so cute!!

Courtney Bready said...

Ahh!! Eric and I were at the game too... Sitting pretty close to you guys as far as I can tell from your pictures. I wish we had known you were there so I could have said hi!

Brooke T said...

Rugby is my favorite sport to watch! My ex played and it was just crazy!! I give props to anyone who plays! ha

Katie said...

favorite pic: Adam with his hand up cheering and Brooks' expression like he's saying "What's the big deal everyone? I don't get it!"

:) you have such a cute family Haley!

Courtney B said...

Oh my lanta.. how adorable is your little family?! You are so gorgeous!!
I think a rugby game would be SO fun to go to! I'm going to have to get my man to take me on a date ;)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Yummm churros. And I love a good sporting event....never seen a rugby game, but I'm quite sure I would love it! ;)

I love that little Brooks is cheering on his team early! Way to go Cougars!

Y'all are such a beautiful family.

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