Sunday, July 31, 2011

Keeping promises

Today at church was one of those days that just fills your spirit to over-flowing!
It was just what I needed :) I was reminded numerous time of my Heavenly Father's individual love for me.

During sacrament meeting a young man in our ward gave his farewell talk before leaving to serve on a mission. He'll be serving the beautiful people of Brazil for 2 years. He shared a story that touched me deeply. It is a fictional story...but an inspiring one at that. It was about a man and his friend...before this life, and they were about ready to come down to Earth. The man received a "call"...with sweet anticipation they both opened and read the letter. It said that he was being called to come down to Earth into a loving family who had the Gospel in their lives. The priesthood would be in his home, and his family would be monetarily stable. The land would be plentiful and the country would have many freedoms. He was called to come down and be born in the United States of America. They both hugged out of happiness for the man. His friend also got a letter, and they read it together as well. It said that he was called to be born into poverty. Hardships and trials would be frequent in their family. His country's government would be corrupt. He was called to come and be born in the country of Costa Rica. The man's heart sunk as he heard his friend's call...and the friend looked up and said, "Please, promise you'll come find me." ... ... Later on in the man's life, when he was just 19 years old, he got his mission call to serve in the lush country of Costa Rica. He was going to fulfill his promise...find his friend...and bring him the hope and light of the gospel.

I just love that story!! It's nothing against anyone from Costa Rica or those not of our faith...but it just shows that we are ALL brothers and sisters...we were all friends before this life...and I have no doubt that many of us made promises to come find each other. What a blessing missionary work is. It is such a labor of love that men and women do to share the hope of the Gospel of Christ. And what an honor it is to know that Adam and I are raising our son Brooks who, I pray, will someday have the opportunity to choose to serve a mission.

Missionary work isn't done just by missionaries who leave their home for 18 months to 2 years. It is done by anyone who is serving those around them and who is sharing the light of Christ. Our Heavenly Father knows each one of us...He knows our hearts...He knows our desires...and He ultimately wants us to be truly Happy.

I first saw the video below last year, and it shares an amazing story of a young man named Brandon who follows his heart and chooses to serve at an orphanage in Honduras. The video is awesome! Brandon is an incredible example of following the Savior's footsteps of service...and of sharing the light of Christ, and the love of God for all His children. Makes me smile to wonder if Brandon had previously made promises to those boy in the orphanage to come and help them...if he did, he sure is keeping those promises :)

Hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful Sunday spent with those you love!

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Mikelle Jade said...

Thanks for sharing both the movie and story. Such inspiration.

I wish I were better at expressing myself and testifying of the gospel. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts, and admire you. Enjoy what's left of the weekend!

kylee said...

that story gave me the chills. so wonderful. stuff like that really puts things into perspective for you. i am so grateful for the missionaries and so proud of every young man, woman, and even senior couples who sacrafice their time and efforts into such a wonderful thing of god. also the fact that we can be member missionaries every day of our lives is such a sweet blessing and opportunity too many take for granted, including myself.

Britney said...

I loved this message! were so sweet to share it. What a cool story told by these great missionary. He'll do wonders in Brazil!

MariePhotographie said...

Wow, I love that story!! And I love your blog! Makes me feel good every time I come here. :)

Courtney B said...

Haley! Your blog is the first I've ready today, started my day out perfect :) I'm in tears because of how sweet this is! What a perfect reminder to start out my day. Thank you for posting!

Shay said...

I cannot tell you how much I love this! I have heard a similar story before and am always so blown away by the prospect- and I know it really did happen. Have you read The Great and the Terrible series? It talks about something similar to this in the first book and I think you would love them!

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