Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dear Brooks,

You are one creative little cookie. And I love it.

Even earlier this week at the pediatrician (you've been sick, but you're almost back to 100%. yay!) you cheered up as soon as you saw they had crayons and coloring sheets. Multiple times a day you ask to color :) And by "ask" I mean you get on the bench of the kitchen island and point to the drawer where your markers, crayons, and coloring books are and say, "Pea! Pea!" And when I show you the markers so you can pick which color you want, you get so giddy it kills me with cuteness.

You love to build. You build with your blocks, stacking them up and up, only to push and topple it all over then cheer and clap. You're definitely all boy ;) You also enjoy stacking your play-doh containers. You don't really build anything with the play-doh quite yet...your favorite is when I roll out tiny little balls and you squish them with your finger while making silly sounds. Makes us both laugh :)

You also have so much fun creating new dance moves. Lately my favorite is when you shake your hips and then get your little pointer fingers out and wave them'll work some awesome jumps in there too. And I especially love that you'll copy any dance moves your Daddy shows you...with your own twist of course ;) I can't wait to get you in dance and gymnastic classes!

Well sweet boy, thanks to your Uncle Steve, I read about this fabulous idea today...The GOOD 30-Day Challenge: Art Every Day. It's daring us all to involve art more in our daily lives...I love that concept. And I loved the list of "Art Every Day Tasks" they share. I can't wait to do some of them with you. This month is going to be a busy one...your little brother or sister could be arriving any day now. And while I am so excited, I am also soaking up each day I have at home with just you and I. And I think taking on this challenge will be fun for the both of us! What d'ya say sweet pea? You with me? :)

Love always,


Davis Valley Classic said...

I'm so glad to hear that Brooks is feeling better! Are you still going to have his bday next week or tomorrow? Brooks has the best dance moves ever, cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

she is the cutest thing in the world!!!! oh my goodness... i'm so glad she's feeling better!!!

Shay said...

I am so glad HE is feeling better. Little BOYS should just never get sick! I think we need a video of HIS dancing, Haley- I bet HE gets HIS great moves from you!

Love you:-)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Little Brooks is shaping up into quite a little man! :) Dance moves and Art Work? What a little renaissance man! Building Blocks are a fave at our house, too! Isn't it so wonderful to watch those tiny little hands working so hard to build...and to cause block disasters, too? ;)

I am so happy that you shared the the Art 30 day Challenge! I would love to try this with Hudson, too! Going to check it out now!!

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