Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine's Day Mantel and kisses galore!

I realize I'm one of "those people" that keeps Christmas decorations up much longer than's hard for me to take it all down, especially the tree and it's lovely glow :)
Am I the only one here??

I am just now switching it all out with Valentine's decor :) And I thought I'd share our fireplace mantel.
Simple and Sweet.
I've been so excited to get our "polaroids" printed to turn them into a fun garland oozing with kisses, sweet memories, and a little romance :)

I strung the photos on strands of floss (minty fresh, oh yes) and added little paper hearts. I noticed they'd sometimes spin and weren't always showing the front of the photo, so I added some hearts to the back <3
I also had fun creating the prints next to the sweet scented daisies.
To create the "polaroids" and the 3 prints I used this online program:
I pay a couple bucks a month to have the "premium" version with a few more options, but most of the effects and options they offer are FREE! :)

That garland only showed 8 of the almost 40 pictures I printed...along with putting them all over our fridge, I want to share the rest here :)

And if you really want to get in a sweet mood, listen to this song while you glance at the photos:

Love her her the video

{2 pictures above: getting our "groomals" done, Spring 2008}

{after cutting and eating THE CAKE, May 2008}

{shopping at Gateway, Fall 2008}

{riding a ferris wheel on 1-year Anniversary, May 2009}

{3 pictures above: Disneyland Spring 2009}

{California beach, Spring 2009}

{4 pictures above: Belize, Summer 2009}

{2 pictures above: Lake Powell, Fall 2009}

{"Peace & Quiet" (hippy & mime), Halloween 2009}

{setting up the Christmas tree, December 2009}

{at the Kjar's Cabin, New Years 2010}

{newborn Brooks at the hospital, March 2010}

{Brooks' newborn photo shoot, March 2010}

{out on our first walk as a family of 3, April 2010}

{3 pictures above: home sweet home, Spring 2010}

{Pine View Lake, July 2010}

{Cousin's wedding, Summer 2010}

{Ogden Rodeo, Summer 2010}

{hiking at the Anderson Reunion, Summer 2010}

{swinging in the backyard, Fall 2010}

{Peter Pan, Wendy, and our little Lost Boy, Halloween 2010}

{home sweet home, New Years 2011}

whew!! That's a whole lotta kisses :)
*CHEERS* to our forever with lots more!

PS - below is the heart-subway print I made, thought I'd share the love :) Just click on it and save it to your computer...
(FYI: It's square, so I had it printed as an 8x8)

PS - I linked this post to:
and Tatertots & Jello
Go see what other fun projects, recipes, and decor ideas are there!


The Westbrooks said...

You're SO unbelievably creative!! I LOVE the mantle!! :)

kELLY said...

there was A LOT of kissing in this post:)

i use picnic, too. but i never thought to print them out. duh, kelly! :) ha.

Eva Marie said...

Love love love all the kisses - that's a whole lotta love, just what the world needs more of!!

Very sweet "love" print - it would look cute in livs room

Shay said...

Holy cow, I have never seen so many kisses! HA! CUTE! Gotta love how ive had Picnik for months now and had no idea about this polaroid thing- ha!

Anonymous said...

Such a great idea! So creative!

madison kate said...

this post made my day. no, wait. it made my week.
i just loved it. makes me excited to be in love too. c:

Brooke T said...

oh my gosh your mantle is soooooo cute!!! I can't wait to do that someday!

karly from [kar[+]wade] said...

oh, i love! :] such fun and cute pictures! Love the blog! Cant wait to start following and catching up with your posts! Love it!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh. stop it. stop it right now. you two are the cutest couple EVER. these pictures would be completely covering every wall of my house if i were you. and i love the simplicity and creativity of your decorations. they are perfect!!! get down with your creative self :)

Alli said...

YES! I'm putting up a picture on tomorrow's post, but I kept our Christmas tree up and put paper hearts on it for Valentine's Day! I just didn't have the heart to put it away!


I love your photo garland. I may have to steal this idea (if I do, I'll totally give you credit). Seriously, amazing photos!

Alli said...

PS - Do you have a twitter? I was going to follow you but couldn't find a link.


My roommate (Jake) left two Cadbury Creme Eggs on my desk today while I was gone at class? That's a true friend right there!

Kari said...

Love all the sweet kisses!

Chelsea Finn said...

Oh my goodness. This is one of the best posts I have seen from anybody. You two are so lucky to have each other. Amazing photos. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Angela Brian said...






Larsen Family said...

I LOVE this!! You are so creative!! I love all of your ideas. I will have to check out this website. love ya

Lauren Byers said...

oooh la la lots of kissing pics! you guys are the cutest family :)
I love the mantel decorations..amazing! perfect for Valentine's day.
and you're not the only one, we had our Christmas decor up wayyy too long. We put it all up Nov 15th and didn't take it down til last weekend. haha. that's like a good 3 months...:)

Alyse said...

Hooray for love! You guys are adorable! I love that your mantle is centered on your family love :) perfect.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Oh YAY! You two are the King & Queen of Kissy Pics. And little Brooks is the Kissy Pic Prince. (love love love the Peace & Quiet one!)

I love your creative garland! For some reason, this year I am in such a festive Valentine mood, and have been wanting to decorate a bit. Now that I know other people do it, I think I'll string up those bright red hearts I picked up at the store the other day! Yippee!

Pia said...

The pictures are adorable! And I love the garland and the prints!

I recently made "fake polaroids" as well (so easy with picnik!) and put them on a painted canvas. I am in love with it. :)

Chelsea said...

those are great photos!
You guys are SUCH an adorable lil' family!


Natalie Moon said...

Haley, I love your blog.I am a frequent visitor and stop by to read it often! You have such a positive and creative outlook on life. What an inspiration you are to so many! If you want to tell me your email address, I will invite you to my blog. Anyways, thanks for being so inspiring! -Natalie

Hello Jessica Lynn said...

Looks like you are all decorated!!

I am blog hopping today and thought I would stop by your blog.

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Mighty Burns said...

ok first of all I didnt have a tree this year since I am renting a room.. but most holidays I take as long as I can to take mine down..

second and most importantly you are so stinkin cute! I love the idea you have for the fireplace, and I love your pictures! How adorable, looks like you two are so happy and in love! Happy Month of Love to you three!

Adam and Hilary said...

AWE! How cute are you Haley?! I adore the newborn photo!
We would love to have you come visit!
Thank you for the LOVE print! I'm totally going to frame it.

kylie said...

love the love! i'm doin a countdown!

Emily Carter said...

I saw this the other day, and just loved it!! And now I'm tickled pink that you linked it up! Thanks for being willing to share your creativity (and your kisses!) with us.

Nicole @ Wohler's World said...

So adorable, what a creative way to share all those photos! You have a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

I love the garland! SOO CUTE!
You have such an adorable family :)

Emily Carter said...

I wanted to let you know we featured this and your valentine's treats on WhipperBerry today! You can check it out here .

Simply Domestic said...

Found you from Whipperberry! Love your decorations. You have a precious family!

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke said...

featuring this on this idea! you are adorable;)

Nguyen Family said...

Found a link to your blog on THEIDEAROOM and here I am. I love the recent video, the set up of your page, the cute ideas, your adorable son and your love for your hubby. You make me want to blush. Too cute and sweet! I look forward to following your blog. Happy Valentine's Day!

Jill said...

I love your mantel, especially your garland! I'm going to be featuring this tomorrow at


Shelley Haganman said...

Fabulous post....fabulous photos!!!! So cute!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea!!! Simple & sweet. Just wanted to know I'm featuring you & this project in a guest post tomorrow at One of 14 favorite ideas for Valentines Day! :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I'm so glad to meet you - I thought I was the only one who loved kissy pics so much :)

Anonymous said...

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Drew Watts said...

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